Why Buy Limestone Tiles Melbourne

If you love the feel and look of natural stone in your home but you can’t figure out the best type of natural stone to use, then you should consider limestone tiles. Limestone is a natural rock that consists of calcium carbonate. It has been used as a building material for many years, particularly as flooring. Limestone tiles have grown very popular in Melbourne as one of the best flooring options due to many reasons. Here are some of the major benefits of installing limestone tiles Melbourne. 


One of the most notable features of limestone is its attractive look. Limestone comes in a wide variety of patterns and colors and since it is a gemstone, it can give your space a rustic, timeless and superb look. You can use limestone tiles to either create a fascinating traditional look or a contemporary appearance. It looks gorgeous in an earthy setting with wooden furniture. It makes an excellent choice for homes in warmer areas. What most people love about the limestone tile is its soothing ability when walked on barefoot; it soothes the feet, the mind and the body. 


Limestone tiles can be used on both floors and wall spaces within kitchen areas, bathrooms, sleeping rooms, dwelling locations as well as outdoors of entertaining centers and around the swimming pool. If you plan to install the tiles in damp places, ensure that they are covered with heavy duty sealants.


Buying limestone tiles is a great investment as they are very durable. Although buying and installing these tiles may be a little more costly than other types of tiles, you will have a guarantee that they would last long once they are set up. Moreover, limestone tiles will maintain their attractive look for a very long period of time. If you are concerned about the possibility of splatters damaging these tiles, then you will be relieved to learn that there are covered limestone tiles Melbourne which are virtually resistant to dampness and discoloration. However, you need to keep the floor tiles dry and re-seal them after every few years. When maintained appropriately, limestone tiles can last a lifetime, and make your house have a classic architecture. When cleaning these tiles, ensure you use light cleaning liquids specially designed for them and avoid cleaning solutions with strong chemicals as they can damage the natural appearance, the texture and the color of the flooring.


When it comes to hygiene, limestone tile is one of the best as they are clean and resistant to bacteria and other allergy triggers that may hide within them. Unlike most types of tiles, limestone is a very hypoallergenic material which makes it the ideal flooring option for people suffering from respiratory problems or those who are prone to dirt allergies. Even if they get dirty, you can simply clean them using the recommended liquids.  

From the aforementioned benefits, you can understand why limestone is a popular flooring option. But ensure that you buy them from a reliable limestone tiles Melbourne store. 

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